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Weed Control in Phoenix, AZ

Weeds may be natural, but you don’t have to tolerate their presence on your property. Team up with TruGreen to banish pesky eyesores from your lawn. We’re the locals’ first choice when it comes to science-based weed control in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Left to their devices, weeds spread quickly through your lawn and start to choke your grass’s roots. Much like invasive species, they compete with grass for water and essential nutrients. Don’t let your pride and joy wither because of a stubborn infestation – instead, protect your property with help from a lawn maintenance company that cares about its appearance as much as you do.

Choosing the Right Weed Control Treatment

An existing weed infestation deserves immediate treatment – that’s why our specialists recommend you seek post-emergent weed control sooner, rather than later. We dispatch a member of our team to perform a TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis. This ensures we understand your lawn’s current condition, allowing us to develop an effective plan of action.

Of course, the best way to avoid weed epidemics is by eliminating the opportunity for weeds to develop in the first place. Opt for pre-emergent weed control herbicides administered in early spring, and skip the hassle of dealing with weeds later on.

Vigilant Lawn Maintenance

Are you worried about ongoing weed problems affecting your lawn? Rest easy knowing the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee accounts for issues that arise between treatments. Our team visits your home as often as necessary to touch up our work and resolve any problems that occur, taking the stress out of regular lawn maintenance.

Contact our team to discuss your lawn’s weed situation and learn about the weed control products that can help. We proudly serve homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

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