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Lawn Aeration in Phoenix, AZ

For many homeowners, green, healthy lawns are symbols of commitment. Keeping a lawn hydrated and weed-free is a tall order – what if you could count on a team of experts that cares about your yard’s appearance just as much as you do?

Ensure your lawn’s grass receives the nourishment it needs by depending on TruGreen, your local lawn care authority. We recommend regular lawn aeration in Phoenix, Arizona, for any homeowner interested in invigorating their yard from the roots up. Let us help you fight soil compaction, promote hydration, and improve nutrient uptake.

What is Soil Compaction?

Dense, tightly-packed soil is no good for your grass’s roots. In fact, it can prevent them from absorbing water and nutrients, leading to a dry and dull-looking lawn. This phenomenon is known as “soil compaction,” and it’s caused by frequent foot traffic, rain, and other processes that force your lawn’s topsoil downward.

Soil compaction is quite common, especially for homeowners that make full use of their yards. Lawn aeration is a service specifically designed to combat the unwanted side effects of compacted soil.

Learn About the Aeration Process

Once you decide that aeration is right for your lawn, our specialists arrive with the equipment they need to dig up compacted soil, or “soil plugs.” Once we dig up these plugs, we redistribute the fine, loose soil, which then decomposes. This process enriches your grass, allowing it to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently.

Contact our lawn aeration specialists to discuss your soil’s condition. We proudly serve homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

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